Studio 1 | Vorschau

A Historical Tracing and Reproduction of the Motion between the Human Body and Industrial Artefacts
by I Jung Lim

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Studio1
15.10. – 18.10.2020 19:00 h

Inspired by the post-industrial romanticism of the city of Berlin, A Historical Tracing and Reproduction of the Motion between the Human Body and Industrial Artefacts is a dance piece for one body and five industrial objects. Against the background of the increasing immateriality of work, choreographer I Jung Lim proposes a radical (re)consideration of the relationship between the body and industrial artefacts by undermining concepts of identity, function, mechanics and materiality.

Lim transforms historical documents and theories from science of work and industrial psychology into choreographic material, interwoven with Donna Haraway’s visions of natural-technical evolutionary narratives.

As the first of a series of choreographic explorations in industrial contexts, the piece can be seen as an investigation between dance as art and dance as physical culture, questioning the dualism between organic and inorganic, between artificial and natural, between dance and work, and offering a contemplative and intense visual and sensorial experience.

Choreography and Artistic Director: I Jung Lim
Theoretical and Dramaturgical Support: Elena Basteri
Project Manager: Tammo Walter
Technical Manager: Christian Keilig
Technical Advice: Eitan Rieger
Poster & Brochure: Gregor Schreiter
Photography: Senya Corda

Tickets: 12 / 8 Euro

The event will take place in compliance with the rules of distance. You must bring your own mouth and nose mask when entering the building.

Funded by:
Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin

Supported by:
Boels Verleih GmbH Berlin Tiergarten

Special Thanks to:
NRW Kultursekretariat
Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
Deutsches Tanzfilminstitut Bremen / Deutsche Tanzfilmproduktion GmbH
Lehrstollen und Infozentrum Stadt und Bergbau in Kamp-Lintfort
Koreanisches Kulturzentrum in BRD e.V.