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CADAVRE EXQUIS Photoexhibition


JAN 19th 2024
Opening 7 pm
Unveiling 8 pm
Collaborative series by 30 photographers in 210 days and a yet unknown photoserie!

Cadavre Exquis is dimples of laughter and puzzly wrinkles.
It‘s Chinese whispers and paper folds with sticky hands..
Cadavre Exquis is a playfully groping with the depth of connection.

Profound, Poignant and Pop in the best sense of the word is when 30 artists from a wide variety of trades and degrees of professionalism come together on the playing field of photography the most accessible, low-threshold and widespread imaging process of our time – through which we enter into a staggered dialogue with each other.

Borrowed from André Breton and the jolly Surrealists, the principle is as simple as it is ingenious.

One participant begins with their contribution and passes it on to the next person in line, who responds as freely, formal or content-driven as he, she or they likes. The réponse, however, is not passed back to the first person but
rather to the next one in line…

This is repeated a total of 60 times, since in the current round we play the sequence parallel in both directions.
In this way a continuous series is created, that is connected through content and aesthetics even though until the opening of the vernissage, each artist only knows their own work and the one picture they received as template.
Come with curiosity about the obvious as well as what is hidden behind it…Play, puzzle and associate with us!

All artists taking part:
Nora Blum Vanessa Alicia Kunert Jonathan Schmalöer Julián von Silberland Karline
Johanning Ann-Kristin Ziegler Stefan Wieland Juliane Eirich Felix Zohlen Benjamin
Breitkopf Johannes Praus Isabelle Oestlund Martin Dziuba Sascha Jakubenko Ulrike
Lauber Schirin Moaiyeri Vincent Schneider Tabea Mathern Limbo Tamara Eckhardt Jana
Kießer Cherie Birkner Neziha Çalıştırır Silke Weinsheimer Andreas Tobias Tim Sonntag
Florian Reimann Sven Serkis Jacqueline Wilkinson + François Grivelet Hilka Dirks